Free stuff put to use to teach


Last week I was at Synergy Ektron’s world wild user conference.  One of the sessions was by Tom Daccord, Tom showed us how he uses Web 2.0 to teach his high school students.  He uses the interacive Wiki, Blogs and Social networking as part of his class.  One of his web sites is  Tom spent about an hour telling us how he would record lat minute home work instructions for his students from his cell phone on the way home.  He would start an outline in a Wiki and allow his students to fill in the outline as home work.  This is an exciting development.

Tom uses as a private social network.  A private social network is an oxymoron, if I ever heard one.  The ning social network can be open to the public or only to invited guests.  This way the class can interact with one another in a social network with worrying about outsiders.  I have set up a private social network, I may setup a public one so I can share what I learn.

This explains why I have not been posting recently.


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