So you have a website now what?

This was the title of a presentation at a recent convention I attended. The answer was to enable users on the Internet to find you.

Most Internet Users go to their favorite search engine (60% to 75% people use Google for their searches), and type in words that describe what they want. In search engine terms these words are Keywords. The search engines have an index of every word in every web page (well at least most web pages). The search engine then looks for these keywords in all the web pages on the Internet and prioritize these web pages to display a list of web pages with this information. The list is setup to try to make the most relevant item on top. The search engines determine the relevance based on many different things, one of which is the location of the keywords.

Keywords in the title as well as the content of a web page are important. Also word in links or around links in an article are important. So what are the rules and how do I get the best results. Google’s statement is if you write hi quality relative content is the best way to be found. To expand on this a little, if you write content that people want to read, and write it in a way that people expect on the Internet, you have started on a good first step. To help this out think of the following points:

  • Select Keywords that people type into the search engines. A story I heard was a woman that was creating an new type of craft with parts of cross stitch and needle point, she used cross point as a keyword through out her web site. No one was searching for cross point, because she was creating cross point. There are websites that will help you find out which words in your industry people are using in their searches. Keep is simple, you may like to write catchy titles to make people think, but if they do not tell the person what the article is about, it will be harder for people to find your content based on the title.
  • Web article are short so make it short or at least cover your topic quickly to entice people to read further. Keywords near the top of the content are given a hight weight than those closer to the bottom of the content.
  • Use links and anchors. Links go to other web pages, while anchors go to a particular place on your web page. Internet users are looking for links where they can click where they can expand on a particular subject. Because of this the search engines give these words a higher importance, so use them when relevant.

Using a content management system like WordPress will help you. WordPress will allow you to create a title, and organize your thoughts, you can easily make links and anchors.

Next I will talk about promoting your website.


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