Helping the search engines find your site

In the last post I talked about setting up the text, title tag, and links to represent the key words for your content so that the search engines can find your content.

All the SEO consultants agree on using these things to help. There are differing opinions but they agree on these points. The other aspect they all agree on is inbound or back links. These are links from other sites to your content. So how do you develop these back links?

One good way is to use Press Releases. If you can get the leaders in your industry to publish a link to your content it goes a long way. It can be difficult to get the “Press” to read your articles, but maybe there is a trade association for your industry. Can you submit articles to them, if they like it will they publish a link on their website for all their members.

Blog about your website. Now you have your blog cross promoting your website and your website promoting your blog. If nothing else you have twice the opportunity for someone to find you. They can find your blog, if they like it they can find your site.
Use RSS feeds. I will write a whole post on RSS feeds later. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, think of the news services providing a ticker tapes. Anyone can syndicate. An RSS feed is a special website, rather than trying to impress people with a snappy design they are just the facts. They are formatted (xml) in a format that machines can read. They are used by a device called a reader or aggregator. Their purpose in life is to highlight new content on your site. The feed reader reads the information, it already know which articles you have read, so it can highlight only those you have not read. The feed contains the title of the content, and a short summary of what the content is about. If you want to read more you click and go to your site. These help in several ways, first many professionals on the Internet monitor these RSS feeds, for information they can write about. RSS aggregators are web pages that publish RSS feeds and the links back to your page. Finally Google likes that you have feeds and gives your site a higher priority.

Get into social networking. For this purpose think of social networks as groups of people recommending content on the Internet. Make friends, make it easy for people to Digg or Stumbleupon your site, this can help others find your content.

It will not happen over night, but if you have quality content, and do your part to make it easy to find your content and people will come.


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