Social Networks

Social Networks are based on the way we live as people.  We create groups of friends and share ideas with these friends.  We can create friends that are friends of friends.  We have groups of friends at work.  We have groups of friends at Church.  We have groups of friends from the coffee shop downstairs (maybe we should make a television show about friends).

Facebook, Myspace, Digg  and all the others work pretty much the same way.  You register and create your own identity, then you start making friends.  You group your friends together, you meet fiends of friends.  The idea is you share thoughts with our firends.  On facebook you chat with your friends, you share your pictures, your favorite song, and web pages you enjoy.  Sites like Digg are designed to share your favorite web page.  When you read something you find interesting you digg the article (think back to the 60’s can you dig it man).  All of your friends can see what you find interesting, they can digg the web page as well, which encourages more people to read the web page.  The whole digg site then finds the content that is recommended by the most people and list this on their front page. does a similar thing with bookmarks, you share your bookmarks and others can see your bookmarks.

There is a dark side to social networks.  Myspace is popular for young children, so pediphiles found that it was a good place to meet children.  They work their way into the confidence of the child and then they prey on the children. 

Social networks can also be a good way to keep up with your friends from all around the world, the use is up to you.


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