Letting people find new stuff on your website

Something I have been guilty of is designing a great navigation scheme with menus to find your content on your website.  I then realized it was not easy to find new content on the site.  It is easy to find any content you want, but not easy to find new stuff.  You may have to click several menu items to look specifically for the information.

The best way it so create lists on your front page that highlights your new content.  A blog does this automatically.  New content is added to the top of your front page.  If you have a more complex website with different areas that are updated seperately this can be more difficult.  Hopefully you are using a Content Management System, then you can specifiy that you want a list of the content sorted to put the most recent on top.  If you are not using a CMS, you probably do not have much content and can manually generate your list.  simply list the title of the content as a link to the new content.

The search engines will like this as well.  Search engines automatically click on all the links on your web page.  They use a device called a spider (this is just a program that looks for links and follows them).  If you make your new content available with one link it is more likely to be found by the search engines.

This is a little tip I have been learning over the last couple days.


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