UR life online

This is the name of a program I found on A&E.  It was a story told by 5 young people about their experience online.  The was someone that was looking for friends, but ended up getting involved with child porn.  One that was even abducted and recovered after 4 days by the FBI.  She was chained with a dog collar to the floor.  There was discussions also about bullying online.  To paraphrase a quote, with people in the young generation their life online is just as real as the friends they come in contact with.  This is an interesting concept.

I feel like I live online, I work with computers, I support a webpage and work all the time.  As you can tell here I find it difficult to write consistently on this blog.  I am on several different social networks, but I do not treat these friends like the friends I see in person.  I can not say that this is as real as real life, so I have to try to understand those that are more involved.  I realize the other end,those that living online seems like an inconvenience, but had not really thought about the online experience being as real as real life.

It is interesting that this is inverted from society in the past.  The younger you were the less you interacted with real life social networks.  Now the younger are more active in the online social networks and the older not so much.


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