Design and the Mac

The other day I was analyzing why Mac followers are so intent on their support.

Apple management has their part with their advertisement schemes, but there is something to the ground swell around Mac computers.

The Mac has an intuitive interface, and Apple makes good hardware, but there seems to be more to the phonomem.  A recent discussion with a new Mac convert was revealing.  He was amazed with the clean design of the interface, the way things worked the way you expect, why would you want to have a computer that worked any other way.

Comming from the computer field with command lines and programs that manipulates and sorted your data to display on a terminal or print, I find the interface great and intuitive, but I hit road blocks when I try to get it to do what I want.  Apple has always controlled what worked on the Mac.  If they did not see the reason for the program it did not work.  It seems like the people responsible for making the decisions seem to be artistic types, the designers, so the artistic or designer programs are the one’s that work on the Mac.  It also seems like Apple is convinced that they are doing things the right way so they have never made it easy to share information with other computers.  This is not inherent with the computer or operating system, Linux and BSD (the heart of OSx) daily share information with all types of computers.  These operating systems run the Internet.  It seems that Apple does not work to overcome these roadblocks.

The Mac interface is not always the best interface.  An example of this is a food service client I had in the past.  They interfaced with textual information (products by name and number) and clients (indexed by number).  The order entry clerk needed an interface waiting for them to type the customer number to start the order.  Mice and clicking got in the way.  For this purpose an Mac is not needed.

I guess I am an altruist, if Apple was interested in making the computer easier for all users, they would allow their operating system to run on computers built by other manufacturers.  Then they could show that they make the best computer hardware.  If you want the best buy Apple, if not purchase an inferior computer.  Open up, make the Mac the easiest computer to share information, make sure it can run all the applications you want to run.

I would like to see the Apple supporters to realize that just because the Mac works best for them does not mean that a different computer works better for others.

Again back to my previous statement, each user should purchase the computer they can afford and works best for them.


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