Global Warming? Climate Change? Carbon Credits?

Recently there have been some articles questioning Global Warming, event the BBC.  This brings an idea to mind.  What are we trying to do with Carbon Credits?  Pay someone not to produce Carbon so we can produce more?

Do we need to waste all this brain power and politics to prove that we should protect our environment.  Does it matter if climate change is due to man and carbon exhaust.  It is obvious that we should not dump chemicals into the air from burning to extract power?  It all comes to us to figure out how we can reduce how much keep from putting as much junk into the air, water, ground.  It is difficult We have our lives.  We need to get to work, we need to keep warm, we need to use energy.  Can we reduce the amount of energy we use?  Can we find energy that is produced with the least impact on the environment.

I would rather see the Green movement based on character rather than scare.  We should be able to do what we can because it is the right thing to do, not because we will all die if we do not.


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