Free e-mail on the Internet

One of the most popular free items on the Internet is free e-mail accounts. Initially these were limited email accounts provided by Microsoft and Yahoo and some others. They were to lock you into their services and get you to upgrade to the premium e-mail services. Google change all that with GMail. Gmail, gave you 2 gb of e-mail storage, enough that they figured you would never have to delete an email. From the beginning GMail was a full featured e-mail account, it has SPAM and virus protection. Since Gmail came out all of the Free Internet e-mail accounts have become pretty full featured.

Keep your e-mail address – One of the main advantages with the free e-mail accounts is that you can keep the same email address for ever. Your e-mail address consists of two parts your username @ a domain. Unless you own your own domain you will have to live with your ISP’s domain name, and if you change ISP’s your e-mail address will change. If you get a free e-mail account like you will have this email address until you give it up. Even if the company goes out of business the e-mail account will probably still work.

More autonomy – You can setup your free e-mail account or several e-mail accounts with most any username you want. The Spammers have taken advantage of this; they make very official sounding e-mail addresses so that you accept their email.

Get your e-mail anywhere – All of the free e-mail systems are based on Web Mail, so you can get your e-mail anywhere, at the public library, at a computer kiosk, at your friend’s house.

My choice for free e-mail is GMail.  It seems to be setting the standard for ease of use and not getting in your way.



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